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Lexis AS ONE is a legal database of Japan with comprehensive coverage including administrative, legislative, and judicial contents. Users can take advantage of Lexis AS ONE as a one-stop solution for their business by catching up the latest updates of law amendment, policy change, and new cases, which affect their operations and business decisions. Lexis AS ONE allows users to restrain from the risk of miss important information coming out of Japan’s government and to share the information on daily-basis to many divisions such as compliance, quality control, corporate planning, Intellectual Property, finance, HR, CSR and business development.


Lexis AS ONE provides the platform of collecting the latest information of legal and policy required for business decisions

l  情報を網羅する収録範囲

l  関連情報の参照を助ける情報の紐付け

l  効率的な情報収集を可能にする情報の絞込み

Comprehensive coverage

Semantic linkage among documents

Tailored bundling of contents for users ‘ objective

必要な情報をAS ONEで集約

  • ビジネスに関わる法令・行政関連情報および解説・分析レポートを網羅的に収録しております


  • 必要な情報すべてを紐付けており、例えば当該法令→審議会議事録→関連する判例→関連する行政処分と辿りつけます


  • 法令単位に加えて発信元(厚生労働省等)やプラクティス(労務、環境等の業務分野)で検索できます
  • 各部署・担当者ごとに絞り込み設定したカスタマイズメールを配信できます


    Lexis AS ONE covers from administrative, legislative and judicial contents in addition to secondary contents such as analytical papers written by lawyers.

Relationship among documents

    Semantic linkage among documents based on their relationship enable users to reach, for example, from law to related administrative guidelines or rulings in order to scoop necessary bundling of contents.

    Lexis AS ONE is not a database but synapse.

Easy screening

    Simple filtering by policy category, such as competitive  and environmental policy, practice category, such as HR and finance, in addition to  fundamental filtering like contents type and date.


従来の法令・判例データベースや加除式法令集、官庁ホームページ、官報などに分散していた情報ソースがLexis AS ONEのワンソースになるため情報収集作業が大幅に効率化されます。





Efficient research

    One-stop database enables speedier, less stressful, more comprehensive and more reliable research work for who have dealt with many information sources such as government website, paper binder, government announcement papers, industry newspapers and limited database.

Automated sharing of information

    E-mail is delivered to each division or individual by customized style.

    Recipients are able to catch up only necessary information excluding noisy contents that they have received through general e-mail magazine or clipping services.

Quick analysis of business impacts

Analytical papers by lawyers and summarized report of law amendment enable Lexis AS ONE users to efficiently grab whole pictures of policy change and analyze the impacts on their business.
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