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Find French-language legal information in Juris Classeur research database, including jurisprudence and journals.

Juris Classeur and its “Standard Search” helps you quickly find exclusive and reliable French-language legal information, including jurisprudence, laws, and journals. Lawyers who do business in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg will appreciate having the richest law library that is simple to use.

  • Many secondary legal sources – journals, magazines
  • Expert analysis of 1.2 million judicial decisions
  • All official texts updated daily
  • Easily searchable database, millions of hyperlinks
  • Products available online, in print, or on CD-ROM

  • French-Language Legal Information
    Locate the sources you need by using the Juris Classeur interface. Lawyers who do business in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg can quickly find laws, and case law, and journals. Save valuable research time by using the extensive sources of arguments and relevant solutions for your clients’ needs.
  • Advanced Technology that is Easy to Use
    Save valuable time when searching for legal information. Juris Classeur is easily searchable because it uses accurate LexisNexis technology, combining speed and power. Millions of hyperlinks let you immediately find the sources that are important to your topic.
  • Extensive Case Law Collection
    Finding the best argument makes the difference. You want to quickly find cases that are similar to yours. With more than 1.2 million decisions available, Juris Classeur offers you the most comprehensive case law collection.
  • Extensive Journal and Records Collection
    Know that you are searching the sources you need. Juris Classeur gives you access to many exclusive sources, with more than 130 journals and 150.000 bibliographic records. Articles and reviews are referenced to provide a comprehensive overview of major legal debate and discussion.
  • Extensive Jurisdata Analyses and Classifications
    Now you can immediately determine whether a court decision will help with your research. All decisions are now assigned one to four stars after analysis by Jurisdata. This innovative approach allows you to immediately see the benefit of a case, without having to read it in full.
  • Efficient and effective legal research
    Use Juris Classeur to streamline your legal research. The database and interface help you to find and make the best use of French language primary and secondary sources. Now with Juris Classeur Pro, you have a vital step forward: the "Standard Search" to make your research faster and easier!
  • Current and extensive legislation
    Find the legislation that applies to your case. Juris Classeur includes 86 official codes and more than 35.000 laws and regulations. Daily updates assure that you have the most current authority.
  • Best legal expertise
    Compare your questions and conclusions with other opinions. The Encyclopedias Juris Classeur provide legal expertise. You can search thousands of comments, solutions, and ideas for all legal subjects.
  • Do I need a subscription to use Juris Classeur?
    Yes, you need a subscription to access our database. Please contact an account manager or the service desk about the various options.
  • What are the costs of a subscription?
    The costs of a Juris Classeur subscription are based on the combination of several factors: access to multiple sources, number of employees, etc. If you have questions about the monthly subscription, please contact your account manager.
  • Learn more about Juris Classeur
    Find out how Juris Classeur can be tailored to meet your research needs. Free training and research assistance will save you valuable time – and help you quickly find relevant information.
  • Onsite Training
    Schedule a free training session in our facilities. Please contact support.tw@lexisnexis.com for more information.
  • Telephone Training
    Take advantage of free assistance from our team of research specialists. Lawyers experienced in using our database can help you make the most of the database and its features. Please contact support.tw@lexisnexis.com for more information.

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