Our Core Values

Customer Focus: Customer focus is knowing the customers' needs and consistently looking at ways to meet them.

Valuing Our People: Valuing our people means recognising achievements and appreciating our peers, management and staff; it is about creating a supportive work environment throughout the company.

Passion for Winning: Passion for winning is about beating the competition, by setting the highest standards for our customers. To embody a passion for winning is to be always looking at ways to improve. It is setting new benchmarks and then meeting them head on.

Innovation: Innovation is developing and embracing new ideas; it's about applying new ways of thinking and acting to existing practices.

Boundarylessness: Boundarylessness is seeking and accepting opportunities to work outside your everyday role: to work as part of a team rather than as individual, and as part of a company rather than just as one team. It is sharing information at all levels – up, down and across.

Working with us

Jennifer Chan, Sales Manager

Being a Sales Manager in LexisNexis, I have been given opportunities to get involved in different projects with other teams, in addition to my sales responsibilities. It allows me to have greater engagement with the business beyond my client segment. With a flat organizational structure, we have the freedom to raise ideas to management as well as having fun together. It is truly "Work Hard, Play Hard"!

Jennifer Chan, Sales Manager

We Are Hiring!

We're looking for smart, driven individuals who will help us build the sophisticated solutions that enable our clients to succeed. From sales and marketing to design, development, strategy and finance, we offer a number of different career paths that are both challenging and rewarding.

Seize the opportunity to grow with us—and put your passion for excellence to work.

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