Lexis® China

Flagship legal information database for China

Lexis® China is a flagship legal information database product released by LexisNexis in China. The database has been continuously updating its content and functions. In addition to building a massive collection of laws and regulations, Lexis® China supports a one-stop search for Chinese-English bilingual legal articles, tracks hot topics, emerging issues and updates in key legal areas, and provides multi-dimensional and in-depth legal commentary and analysis to help improve work efficiency for legal practitioners and inform law enforcement decisions.


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Massive Data Volume

With more than 3 million primary data entries, the database provides a comprehensive coverage of full-text statutes as well as judgement documents at both state and local levels since 1949, plus over 50,000 articles of in-depth legal analysis and commentary and a collection of over a million business cases covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, etc.

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Top Insights

Key legal issues in selected key legal areas are studied systematically and in depth to provide insights from different angels on their impact on real-world practice and offer risk control strategies and approaches.

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Big Data-Enabled Visual Analytics

Visual analytics applied to written judgements provides a plain view of trial progress and outcomes, along with the regional distribution of the trial courts, causes of action and their percentages as well as other statistic data visualized in graph format. A list of the corresponding judgement documents is also available for viewing.

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Up-to-date Information

The entire database is updated daily to help keep you apprised of the latest legislations, industry news, case analysis, special topics reports, articles and other content.

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User-friendly Interface

All legal information and articles are provided across fields and industries on one integrated platform that supports a one-click search function on the homepage to enable one-click access to all pertinent content across the entire database.

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