MLex Market Insight

Providing exclusive market insight, analysis and commentary on regulatory risk

MLex, an investigative news agency, is solely focused on uncovering regulatory risk across the globe, and is uniquely positioned to provide exclusive, real-time market insights, news and analysis. MLex closely monitors the activities of governments, agencies and courts to identify and predict the impact of proposals, decisions and rulings. MLex's unique content and trustworthy insights identify business risks or opportunities that greatly help readers make decisions.

Navigate complex global regulatory environments confidently with market insight, analysis and commentary on regulatory risk.
Investment Management
Out maneuver the market by identifying potential regulatory hurdles even before mergers & acquisitions are notified to antitrust authorities.
Law Firms
Increase client engagement with exclusive coverage of the cases working their way though decision-making and regulatory bodies worldwide.


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Exclusive Content

Expansion into the field of Financial Crime, International Trade, Data Privacy & Security and other areas happened naturally as market needs evolved.

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Trustworthy insights

MLex’s focus remained on providing trustworthy insights that identify business risk or opportunity, to help readers make decisions.

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In depth reviews

Independent newswire that covered antitrust and regulatory merger reviews in more depth, and also honed in on the business impact of court decisions.

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Official Announcement

Integrate press releases issued by various countries and legal cases summaries with english translations.

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Unique contents

Add value with insights and timeline to keep abreast of constantly evolving regulation and enforcement

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Professional journalist

MLex’s journalistic style and approach to news is unique, a network of over 80 journalists connect the story to the specific companies or sectors that could be most impacted and provide forward-looking analysis to guide readers’ decisions.

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