Timothy Ho

Head of Customer Success, Hong Kong & Taiwan, LexisNexis Legal & Professional

Timothy Ho

Timothy Ho 何樂添是律商聯訊 (LexisNexis) 香港及台灣的客戶成功部總監。何先生負責提升公司法律產品的客戶體驗及客戶價值。他的經驗包括市場及競爭分析、產品創新、翻譯及法律培訓。何先生領導公司的淨推薦值大幅提升。何先生也參與公司法律產品的研發,特別是法律研究平台Lexis Advance® Hong Kong。該產品也獲得2019年Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards – Online Services for Legal Award的獎項。


Timothy Ho is the Head of Customer Success of LexisNexis Hong Kong & Taiwan. Timothy is responsible for optimizing customer experience with legal products and enhancing customer value to promote retention and loyalty. His experience covers a broad range of strategic issues including competitive analysis, product innovation, market segmentation, translation, onboarding and legal training. For the past four years, Timothy has spearheaded efforts that has led to the net promoter score of the company increasing exponentially. Timothy advised the product development of LexisNexis online and digital legal solutions, especially Lexis Advance® Hong Kong which was awarded the Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards 2019 in the category of Online Services for Legal Award.

Timothy has conducted hundreds of legal trainings for thousands of judges, solicitors, barristers, in-house counsels, government counsels, law professors and law students in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Prior to joining LexisNexis, Timothy has worked in the government and an international law firm in Hong Kong. He is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese and is based in Hong Kong.

Speaking engagements

  • Hong Kong Academy of Law
  • C-Integrity Hong Kong Series 2019 & 2020
  • LexisNexis LegalTech Seminar 2020

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